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Great Deals On Focus Night and Day

  • Type: Monthly Disposable Contact Lens

  • Manufacturer: CIBA Vision Contacts

Order Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses   Order Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses

Focus Night & Day contact lenses from CIBA Vision Contacts are the perfect contact lens for the active person. You can wear Night and Day contacts for up to thirty days, all day and all night. So go ahead. Play your favorite sport. Stay up as late as you want. Sleep all night in your contacts. Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses are made of a revolutionary material that guarantees you comfortable contact lenses with clear, crisp vision. The lenses are made of lotrafilcon A, a fluorosilicone material that contains about 24% water, and are surface treated to wet with your tears. Focus Night & Day lenses let in six times the amount of oxygen to the cornea of your eye than any comparable lens. Monthly Disposable Contact Lens are the perfect lens for anyone suffering from allergies or for the first time contact lens user. Simplify your life with Focus Night & Day contacts. Your eyes will thank you for it.