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Great Deals On Acuvue 2

  • Type: 1-2 Week Disposable Contact Lens

  • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson Contacts

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From Johnson & Johnson Contacts, Acuvue 2 soft disposable contact lenses are designed to give you clear, natural vision along with the comfort you expect from the world’s number one prescribed brand of contact lens. Acuvue 2 contacts are a 1-2 Week Disposable Contact Lens. You can wear them continuously for one week, both during the day and at night while you are sleeping or you can wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses as a daily lens for up to two weeks, removing them nightly before you fall asleep. With the distinguishing monocurve structure and enhanced mid-peripheral zone, Acuvue 2 lenses will never lose their shape while sitting on the tip of your finger waiting to be inserted. The visible tint applied to Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses make the job of locating your lenses in the solution even easier. The convenience and ease of use make the Acuvue 2 disposable contacts perfect for the first time contact lens wearer. Disposable contacts ensure that there will be no deposits built up on your lenses, keeping them clean, crisp and comfortable. Acuvue 2 disposable contact lenses are made of etafilcon A and have a water content of 58%.